Design & Planning

To create your perfect Outdoor Living Space, you have to start with a perfect plan. You may have it all planned out in your head and that is great, but if you do not, you may want to visit our display first to get inspired. You will also need to know the cans and cannots of your property according to your township. This is how we help you put your wishes into your space with that plan:

Step 1

Plan an onsite meeting
  • Usage of patio (tables, number of guests, hot tub in future, and more)
  • Special features that are desired (sitting walls, fire features, landscaping, lighting, and more)
  • Future plans (pool, walkway to front of house, new front walkway, outdoor kitchen)
  • Style and preferences (rustic, classic, modern)
  • Necessities of space
  • Grades
  • Drainage
  • Fixtures / outlets / piping on or at house
  • Utilities (public and private)
  • Township and building code regulations, easements, setbacks, impervious and more

Step 2

Put these requests into a design
  • Our designers and salespeople take your wants and combine them with your sites needs to create an image for your project. This image will provide a clear and concise plan for the work you want to have done today, and the work you may want to have completed in the future.

Step 3

View your design at our ‘conference space’ while visiting our outdoor display.
  • View your design in 3D
  • See many different options of stamps, colors and sealers for your space
  • See walls, kitchens, bars and more for additional ideas or for a concept of what will be on your project

Step 4

Sign a contract and get into our queue for installation.
3D design for stamped concrete project with landscaping 3D design for stamped concrete project with landscaping 3D design for stamped concrete project with landscaping Photo of finished pool design with stamped concrete and landscaping

Are you ready to create your backyard oasis?